An efficient partner for every task

Three different cab types to satify the requirements of every job

​From deliveries to construction, refrigerated transport to urban services, the new Eurocargo truck is graduated in versatility in its category – and is also the easiest to body. Made from high-yield-strength steel, the chassis frame can accommodate body lengths of 4265 to 10,175 mm; the side members are parallel along the entire length and are pre-configured to simplify assembly of the superstructure.

The new Iveco Eurocargo offers three different cab types: their versatility satisfies the requirements of every job:

– The day cab offers the best balance between overall body width and length, and is best suited to daily work in major cities.
– The sleeper cab is available in a standard or high roof version; this is designed to provide overnight accommodation and is equipped with one or two bunks. Two illuminated boxes (accessible from both inside and outside) provide 260 litres of additional space for the efficient storage of bags or tools. The outer door can be opened using an electric control.
– The crew cab (with standard roof) is designed to transport the whole crew plus tools and equipment. It can accommodate six passengers in addition to the driver, and is particularly well suited for use in construction and fire prevention services.
In total, the new Eurocargo is available in 11,000 factory versions, resulting from the combination of its product variants: two types of drive, 14 gross vehicle weight levels and seven power outputs, 12 gearboxes, 15 wheelbases and three types of cab with two roofs – in addition to a wide range of suspension systems, axle ratios, axles and PTOs (up to 1100 Nm).


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