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We provide our customers with a full range of the highest quality original IVECO parts. Thanks to our own spare parts warehouse, we can repair any faults immediately, and if there is a major problem, we can also provide on-site assistance with our service truck. With a secure and fast logistical background, we are at our customers’ disposal with factory and – if required – factory remanufactured spare parts throughout Hungary. Parts ordered before 15.00 on working days can be picked up the next day at our premises or sent to the desired address. Our IVECO original parts product offer is designed to ensure the best possible fit at every step of your product life cycle and is divided into three ranges described in 3 dedicated sections.
ETV TRUCK | Services & Parts
Our partners can choose genuine IVECO parts to ensure the longest and most optimal operation of their vehicles. Genuine Parts represents our first range of original Parts with which our vehicles are built up. We will always recommend to purchase Genuine Parts to ensure premium support to your everyday business and performances on the road as on day one.
ETV TRUCK | Services & Parts
IVECO Reman is constantly working on improvements to stay one step ahead of the competition. In our remanufacturing process, the original parts are inspected, remanufactured and tested against the original performance specifications. Thanks to the quality assurance that is an integral part of all our processes and our “like new” warranty, customers can rely on IVECO Reman products with confidence. They will benefit of similar quality as our Genuine range at a more accessible price. Last but not least, choosing IVECO Reman Parts will be one step further in preserving the environment with the most eco-friendly product range.


ETV TRUCK | Services & Parts

Fully branded, certified and supplied by IVECO, the growing NEXPRO line offers a wide range of cost-effective parts, specially designed for owners of older model years who require guaranteed uptime thanks to IVECO expertise. The convenient price of NEXPRO parts is due to a slightly modified design, materials and reduced number of variants allowing the manufacturer to cut costs and pass this saving on to the customer, without compromising on safety.

Finally, NEXPRO by IVECO offers:
✔︎ The best value for money on IVECO parts for older vehicles.
✔︎ Certified parts that guarantee reliability for your IVECO vehicle.
✔︎ The same warranty as for IVECO Genuine parts.
All the above mentioned products are IVECO original parts certified by IVECO. Purchasing IVECO original parts from dealers and workshops authorized by IVECO is the only way for you to ensure the authenticity of the product.


Service station

Our service technicians have decades of experience in repairing IVECO vehicles, and their continuous training ensures that their knowledge is up to date with the latest model range.

Our services:
✔︎ Troubleshooting, diagnostics with factory instruments.
✔︎ Full repair and maintenance of small and large commercial vehicles using factory technology.
✔︎ Body repairs – Truck and trailer collision repairs with full insurance cover.

ETV TRUCK | Services & Parts


Make your working and driving experience even more exciting and unique, through a full line of products designed specifically for your vehicle.
Enhance your vehicle versatility with a wide range of options, or its profitability with fuel-saving aerodynamic solutions.
Active and passive additional safety systems help you to better protect your vehicle, while hi-tech accessories really bring the future on board.
Boost the connectivity adding a GPS locator or a full multimedia system.
Increase your comfort on board with a comprehensive choice of accessories to make your life as pleasant as possible.